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"Where service is our primary color."

STAFF OPENINGS:  We are always accepting applications for experienced tattoo artists. Qualified candidates will have a minimum of three years studio experience, be well versed in art styles and subjects, be literate and able to perform research, have reliable transportation, strong work ethics, no drug or alcohol problems, be dependable and stable, have your own equipment, be a people person free of drama and ego trips, possess the ability to keep personal and work lives separate.
Applicants must present a recent portfolio of their work, (phone pictures are not acceptable), and identification for I-9 records. Interviews and two trial pieces will be required, (one B & W, one color).
These positions are for artists seeking a home

Our thanx to parents that actually do visit our studio to check our facilities before they approve of us to service their children. 

We are proud to be the area's 



Here at the Magic Needle, we believe in professional service, work, atmosphere and ethics. We want to be your studio of choice.

We require a government issued photo I.D. of all customers for services.
In Texas, the Law requires you to be 18 years old to receive a tattoo.

Parents, legal guardians please be aware "WE WILL REQUIRE ID FOR YOU AND ANY CHILD YOU BRING TO US FOR SERVICE"

There is no minimum age requirement for piercing. However, if you are under 18 years of age, you must meet the requirements of 25 Texas Administrative code, 229.406(d).

In a nutshell, your parent, managing conservator, or legal guardian must accompany you.
Both you and your parent must have a legal photo I.D. for you to receive service.(
An under aged person may use a birth certificate and school photo I.D. or yearbook picture).

Major Credit Cards accepted


  • Clean and professional atmosphere.
  • Hospital Type Autoclave sterilization.
    Weekly "Spore Testing" of autoclave.
  • All services are provided in private rooms.
  • Always single use needles.
  • We open the sterilized needles in your presence.
  • We dispose all needles into sharps containers in your presence.
  • All standard single piercings are $ 25.00; yes, it comes with free starter jewelry.
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Member of Alliance of Professional Tattooists.
  • State licensed and inspected.
  • We are "MOM" approved!

We want to be your studio of choice.

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The Magic Needle family has been serving this area over a decade.  Numerous tattoo artist have come and gone, others began their careers with us.  One thing for sure you will always find us striving to better our studio.

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